CIFMA 2019

International Workshop on Cognition: Interdisciplinary Foundations, Models and Applications

Cognition encompasses many aspects of intellectual functions and processes such as attention, knowledge, memory, judgment, reasoning, problem solving, decision making, comprehension and production of language. Although it originated from the field of psychology, it goes beyond the individual human mind and behaviour, and involves and affects the interaction with the environment in which humans act. The increasing complexity of the environment with which humans interact, which is no longer restricted to their natural living environment and the other humans populating it, but includes a large technological support consisting of physical and computational systems, virtual worlds and robots, has expanded the scope of studying cognition to a large number of disciplines well beyond psychology.

The objectives of this new international workshop are:

  • to bring together practitioners and researchers from academia, industry and research institutions who are interested in the foundations and applications of cognition from the perspective of their areas of expertise and aim at a synergistic effort in integrating approaches from different areas;
  • to nurture cooperation among researchers from different areas and establish concrete collaborations;
  • to present formal methods to cognitive scientists as a general modelling and analysis approach, whose effectiveness goes well beyond its application to computer science and software engineering.

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