Oslo Science Park (Forskningsparken)

Oslo Science Park is located near the campus of the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital.


The conference venue is close the “Blindern” metro/subway (“T-bane”) stop.
This stop can be reached by metro  lines 4 and 5 from the “downtown” metro stops Nationaltheatret, Stortinget, Jernbanetorget (Central Train Station), as well as from the fairly central Majorstua stop.

If you come to Blindern metro (“T”) station, then cross the tracks on the pedestrian overpass.
At the end of the overpass/bridge take the path to the right (parallel to the metro tracks). At the end of the overpass you will see a small black building “Forskningsparken Montessori”; this is a kindergarten, not the conference location. The large building in different colors  on your left is the right building (“Oslo Science Park”/“Forskningsparken”). Unfortunately, the main (and only) entrance is at the end of the building.

Inside the building there should be small signs with arrows towards the rooms used by the conference.
At the main entrance, “Oslo Science Park” has a reception. The SEFM and SEFM workshops venues are one floor down, so just take the stairs down after passing the reception.

(The huge black building after the Oslo Science Park is our department, but no part of SEFM will take place there.)

Note that the metro map is somewhat confusing, so take these lines westbound from the downtown stations.

Information about public transportation in Oslo is available at

Airport Transfer

  • The fastest and most convenient option is to take the Airport Express Train to Oslo S (Oslo Central Station) or (even better) Nationaltheatret station. Then you are smack in central Oslo. Costs around 200 NOK (20 EUR).
    Turn right after you exit the customs area and walk straight until you see the train station. Fast and frequent services (every 10 minutes).
    From Oslo S or Nationaltheatret railway stations you can transfer to the Metro (“T-bane”) system and take the metro to the conference location (stop “Blindern” or “Forskningsparken”). Outside the central station there should also be taxis waiting if you really need them.
  • You can also take the “standard” slower (and less frequent) train to Oslo S or Nationaltheatret stations. This is significantly cheaper (around 100 NOK) but takes longer and is part of the standard railway system. The operator is called “VY”.
    Notice that the trains here could also go in other directions, so make sure you jump on the right train.
    You will need to buy the tickets for these trains at vending machines, typically using cards. In Norway cash is frowned upon, so you can pay everything everywhere with a card and therefore do not need to change money at all.
  • Taxis are prohibitively expensive and not worth it, as they are much slower than the Express Train. Costs around 80-90 EUR daytime and around 100 night-time. There is a booth for taxis right after the exit of the customs area.
  • There are also buses, but they are probably only worthwhile for more obscure destinations on their routes.


The are many hotels in downtown Oslo from where you easily reach the conference venue by metro from, e.g., metro stations Jernbanetorget (Central Railway Station), Sortinget, and Nationaltheatret. The area around Bogstadveien/Hedgehaugsveien and the Majorstua metro station would also be convenient. There are few or no hotels next to the conference venue.
Please use hotel booking systems such as, Tripadvisor, Trivago, and others to find a suitable hotel. The areas around the Grønland and Tøyen metro stations are generally less recommended.

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